Walnut Grove | Sandton

The history of the Walnut Grove is as old as Sandton City itself. Based in the heart of South Africa’s most famous shopping centre, the Walnut Grove has stood the test of time since 1975. Yianni, the founder, grew up in rural Greece in a small village outside Kalamata where they cultivated olives and olive oil. He brought this passion for rustic yet authentic produce to South Africa in 1969. Through hard work and dedication, Walnut Grove has been honoured with the legacy of the longest-running restaurant in Sandton City. In July 2012 Yianni and Maro handed the reigns of the business to their children, Fotis and Elle. Since then, another partner has come in adding a new set of skills and dynamic to legacy. Together with their dedicated staff and passion for the business, they have combined the old family values and traditions of their parents with fresh, innovative and exciting ideas. They have transformed the Walnut Grove into a new and exciting boutique experience, bringing seasonal produce and quality ingredients to diners under one of Africa’s largest chandeliers; a towering walnut tree flowing with over 10,000 reclaimed and antique crystals. The atmosphere is unique and interactive. Enjoy a cappuccino and breakfast in the vibrant pantry area, or in our more secluded library section or sip a cocktail in the bar area. This is a 360° dining experience grounded in family tradition and heritage.

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